Traveler's Checks

All fields are required. You must have available funds in the RTN Federal Credit Union (RTN) Account you have selected for your transaction to be processed.

Travelers checks purchased for one are free.

There is a .50 fee for each $100 purchase of Traveler's "Checks for Two".

You must accept the fee. I accept the .50 fee for each $100 of traveler's checks ("Checks for Two") that I purchase, which will be charged to my RTN account..

Check this box to pick up your check at an RTN to Go branch in the Longwood Medical Area (Brigham and Women’s Hospital, New England Baptist Hospital, or Benjamin Healthcare Center). You can pick up your check two (2) business days after we receive your request.

Check this box to pick up your check at the RTN to Go branch at Raytheon in Andover, Middlesex Building, Davis Room. Once we receive your request, you can pick up your check the following Wednesday.

You must show a valid government-issued picture identification before you can receive your traveler’s checks.

If you do not pick up your traveler’s checks at the designated RTN to Go branch, we will contact you. If we are unable to contact you, we will redeposit the funds used to purchase your traveler’s checks into the RTN Account you have designated.

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I would like to purchase $ in traveler's checks in packages of:
boxes of $150 (three $50 checks) boxes of $250 (five $50 checks)
boxes of $300 (three $100 checks) boxes of $500 (ten $50 checks)
boxes of $500 (five $100 checks)  

Please note that packages cannot be split up.

Total purchase price (value of traveler's checks for one) without fee. Enter total purchase price plus .50 fee for each $100 of traveler's checks if purchasing "Checks for Two"

RTNFCU will notify you of the final total purchase price if you have entered an incorrect amount.

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